A Quick Day One 2.0 Review

I’m a big fan of Day One. I use it almost everyday with my journaling system especially when using the digitised storyline productivity schedule (update coming soon). So when the new version, Day One 2 came out, I was interested to see what was new and why I should pay some money for the new […]

Things That Push Projects Forward

One of the things I’m really trying to focus on with my Web Development but also life in general, is focusing on things that “push projects forward”. Let me explain that a bit better. If I have a website to design for someone, then there are lots of different thing I could do. I could […]

Less thinking, more doing

I have been a member of the ShawnBlanc site for just over 2 years now and really enjoyed the podcast that comes along with it. A couple of years ago he went through the outline for “the power of a focus life” book which then became “the focus course” and I found it incredibly valuable. […]

My Experiment with Adding an Advert

You may have noticed (hopefully not) that I’ve added an advert into my blogs header area. Currently, this is an advert for Studiopress themes [they make the Genesis themes that I have been customising]. I have experimented a lot with adverts over time. Standard theme (pour one out) had built in adverts and I added […]