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5 Wrist Straps for Street Photographers

For a long time I’ve stuck with a neck strap for my street photography camera. That’s because, with the street strap, I could get the benefits of a neck AND a wrist strap at the same time. It seemed like the perfect solution to me. But the truth is that a smaller camera (like the Ricoh GR or the Fuji X70) would suit a wrist strap much more than a neck strap that is wrapped round a wrist to work like a neck strap. That’s because it will take up less space (great for those pocketable cameras) and keeps the camera closer to your wrist.

So here are Five wrist straps that I’ve been looking at with envious eyes.

1. Figosa

Figosa wrist strap

Figosa wrist strap

This company was recommended to me on Twitter and I have to say, they’re straps look good. I’m a fan of the way leather looks and ages and this strap has class and charm about it. I suspect it would suit a fuji better than a Ricoh (at least in it’s brighter forms).

2. Gordy

Gordy wrist strap

Gordy wrist strap

Gordy also make leather straps with class and style. They come in a variety of sizes and you can get the addition of a wrist pad which adds a bit more cushioning for DSLR and heavier cameras. The darker colours mean it can suit something more modern looking or more retro.


This is the first non leather strap and as such it has a much more modern look. The DSPTCH wrist strap (they also have neck straps) have a bundled chord pattern that looks like some trendy bracelets you might have seen around. A nice feature or this strap is that you can quickly switch it for one of their sling straps if you have that too.

4. Turpro soft cotton

Turpro wrist strap soft cotton

Turpro wrist strap soft cotton

Another non leather option (though with a leather end), this cotton strap is similar to the “street strap” I use most of the time in that it is a cotton rope that attaches to the camera. This gives a very different texture to leather in the hand. I can’t attest to the comfort of this strap and I fear it might not be the most pleasant…but I went for a cheaper option on the list.

5. Tarion Yak Leather strap

Tarion yak leather strap

Tarion yak leather strap

Another thing Leather strap but this one is made from Yak leather. There are a few different options in their strap with the colour of the leather and the string holding it together.

Which is your favourite?

Which of these straps is your favourite? Or perhaps you prefer a strap from a different company? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I like Gordy’s strap. With time it becomes pliable, is exactly the right length for me and looks great. Works with cameras from Olympus Trip 35 to Canon A-1.

    1. I’ve definitely been considering that as I came across it long ago, but the figosa straps look really good to me.

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