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A “better” Christian

There are millions of resources out there to help us become “better” christians. Blogs, ebooks, audio resources, conferences, and so on. They assume that we all start from a position of feeling that we are “bad christians”, that we are somehow missing out on something and we should really be “better” ones.

This is all living under the old covenant. It’s classic comparison and focusing on the wrong thing. What we can do, how we are failing, how we should act. It’s all about us and living through our power.

When we look at Jesus and the writings of Paul, it is all about Jesus and the Holy Spirit living through us and instead of doing things in our effort, it is allowing God to work through us and not us being “better”.

What about discipleship?

And that is how Discipleship makes sense. It is us killing ourselves, and letting Christ live through us. It is about us being changed so that we are no longer the ones making decisions. We don’t become better at anything, we become lesser.

About Chris Wilson

I'm an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Krakow, Poland in my spare time I love taking photos. This is my blog.

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