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Are Street Portraits Street Photography?

Micky street portrait shorditch

I came across one of those silly attention grabbing blog post titles that you can’t help but click on today and it got me thinking. Are street portraits street photography? I debating writing a post or just tweeting my views, but in the end I’m going to follow “bad blogging” advice and tell you my […]

The Best Camera Doesn’t Always Make the Best Street Camera

A curious thing has happened to me in recent weeks. My brilliant, always on me and ready Fuji x100t camera has become slightly less amazing than it had historically been and this is a direct result of summer…well the summer weather. During winter I would put my Fujifilm x100t in my coat pocket when I […]

Review: I’ve Lived in East London for 86 1/2 Years

I've lived in east london for 86 1/2 years blog title image

I first heard about Hoxton Mini Press thanks to Douggie Wallace’s series “shorditch wild life” which they published as one of the books in their East London series. The book caught my attention thanks to its beautiful layout and the option of buying a “collectors edition” which included a print along with a copy of […]