Chris J Wilson

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Reasons for not believing

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I recently had a chat with a friend who doesn’t want to live the Christian life any more. It was a really sad moment as I heard why they had come to this decision and I felt really powerless and totally out of my depth. (a great reminder that it is Christ and not me who […]

Too Much Freedom to Create?

My Kala Curley Mango Soprano Ukulele KA MS

Sometimes we can have too much freedom to create, when we have constraints on our freedom we can be more creative. I’ve been learning the guitar for a few years now and have managed to pick up a few guitars and some very different techniques for them. Until last week, when I sold the guitar I […]

I am a Writer

pen and pad

As I mentioned yesterday I have signed up for Jeff Goins 15 day writing challenge and part one is declare “I am a writer“. I always thought of writers as someone who was stupidly intelligent, with cleaver wit and a smoking jacket. I certainly don’t have a smoking jacket and there are other reasons why I have never […]