Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

Stages of Discipleship

First a baby is spoon fed by their parents, then they learn to feed themselves, then the earn a living and start feeding their family and finally they look at how they can feed the world. This is a quote from Andrew Brims that he used to say and compare to discipleship. Discipleship should always be […]

Learning to Tell the Gospel in Russian

One of the most important things for evangelism is being able to explain (or perhaps better put, tell) the gospel to those around you. So recently I’ve been learning to tell the gospel in Russian. Whilst I have had experience of doing this in my own language, doing it in Russian has not been an easy experience for me. […]

Learning to Be Careful of What I Say

This weekend I came across a comment in a video that stopped me in my tracks. In fact, it was an idea that I hadn’t even considered that has made me learning to be careful what I say. Do I pray before I publish blog posts on Christianity? Words are powerful and the words on […]