Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

On Medium and Writing

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I’ve been paying for a site for about six years now and I’ve been writing some form of “blog” for about 10 years (on and off). With that in mind I’ve had a long term interesting in Medium. When they first came out, they seemed like a really interesting company which prioritised a great reading […]

Do Your Actions Match Your Values?

Yesterday I was walking home from town and I saw someone taking a street photo. Even better, it was with a hassleblad. I went over and struck up a conversation (In Polish, he detected my accent and corrected a couple of my mistakes!). I knew the location he was shooting very well as I had […]

A Street Photography Trip To Berlin

Berlin train seat

This is the third part in my recent mini series of Photographic trips to different cities and insights that I had in each place. After visiting London and Cambridge, this last part focuses on street photography in Berlin, Germany. I had decided to go back home to Krakow via Berlin as I had been trying […]