Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

My Attempts at Shooting Like Henri (and What I Learnt)

Trying to emulated another photographer’s style and photos isn’t an easy task, especially someone who was around at such a different time when the scenery was different, people acted differently and there were fewer people. Still, I found trying to shoot like Henri Cartier-Bresson to be a very rewarding and interesting experience that taught me […]

Experimenting with some video

For over ten years I’ve occasionally given making videos a go. When I first started writing a blog on blogspot I bought a standalone video camera and recorded a video to go with it. It was TERRIBLE and after trying to record some videos after that, I quickly gave up. I soon went off to […]

5 Wrist Straps for Street Photographers

For a long time I’ve stuck with a neck strap for my street photography camera. That’s because, with the street strap, I could get the benefits of a neck AND a wrist strap at the same time. It seemed like the perfect solution to me. But the truth is that a smaller camera (like the […]