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A Quick Day One 2.0 Review

Day One 2 showcase

I’m a big fan of Day One. I use it almost everyday with my journaling system especially when using the digitised storyline productivity schedule (update coming soon). So when the new version, Day One 2 came out, I was interested to see what was new and why I should pay some money for the new one.

To clear the ground, I’d probably have given them money anyway as I’ve gained more value than the money I paid, plus they’ve add substantial features since I started using it. I want Day One to continue and to improve and so that means giving them money (or ruining the app with crummy ads or other such rubbish monitization schemes).

Day One’s key features has been its sleek design, use of text documents to save files and markdown support. This makes it easy to get data in and out of Day One, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your journal if Day One suddenly went out of business.

This new version refreshes the design and take a new look at journaling, a slightly different view to the original. Instead of having one journal, you can now keep multiple journals (plus you can store multiple photos in each entry).

The second feature is one I know that other users have being asking for, however, I suspect the first will actually lead to people using Day One more differently. Now, you can have a journal for food logs, a journal for your exercise routine, a journal to track your work productivity and a personal journal just to empty your mind into.

In truth, you could have used tags in the past version for some similar affects but I believe this new vision is a welcome move and good sign for the future of Day One.

Not so good things about Day One 2.

Unfortunately there are some downsides to the new version, you now have to use their own sync service (they state some good reasons such as security, reliability and saving space on your Dropbox/iCloud accounts) but it’s always nice to have options. In addition, publish is currently absent (though there is a roadmap to adding some more features in the future including publish 2.0)

Can’t wait to get stuck in with Day One 2.0

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to getting more stuck in with the new version of Day One and the future features which are coming. It’s a shame this is limited to Apple devices but that’s the way it is.

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