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Experimenting with some video

For over ten years I’ve occasionally given making videos a go. When I first started writing a blog on blogspot I bought a standalone video camera and recorded a video to go with it. It was TERRIBLE and after trying to record some videos after that, I quickly gave up. I soon went off to Ukraine and took the camcorder with me but rarely used it. Instead I more often recorded some quick videos with my point and shoot camera, often using the slow mo feature (because everything is better in slow mo).

At that time I even ran some challenges whereby people had to do certain things, and in exchange I’d do some for them. These were mostly disasters as I didn’t realise the fundamental rule of the internet, what is good for me, is probably not what someone really wants. I was basically presenting the offer of “You do something nice for me, and in exchange, you do something nice for me”. Fail.

During my time in Ukraine I was a host on an English speaking TV program and so got to practice some things about stage presence, and I learnt a bit of framing, transitions, rerecording and so on. I used these skills a lot in conference talks and in some social media videos I made after that.

I tried some Google+ interviews at the time that I loved Google+. It was great fun and I think some people really benefited from them. But as time went on, and Google+ became less active and less fun (I let a couple of trolls get the best of me). Then me and Yuri tried out some “Street Chats” using Blab, but then Blab decided to shut down (oh and Hangouts on air is evening in September. There is still YouTube live).

But recently, I’ve been interested in the idea of making some videos again. Not a vlog, but influenced by the style and impact that vlogs (well lets be honest, Casey Neistat). I knew I wanted to make a video review of my new iPad for ChurchMag (where I write) after I had tried to make a couple of reviews of some camera gear. For some reason I stuck to it and finished the review unlike those camera gear based reviews. (I suspect the summer holidays had a lot to do with this).

And then it seemed to do pretty well. In fact, as I type, that video has more views than all my previous videos combined. So I made a couple more playing around with the style and trying some new things.

They aren’t great videos and I can see mistakes (I left in an extra slide by mistake at one point! D’OH) but they are a fun experiment. I’m thinking of doing some photography based videos as well as some more general creativity and production based videos. But I’m not certain. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

Anyway the really important thing is that I’m enjoying stretching myself in a different area and it’s been a really fun challenge. I believe that is something important for creatives to do, to not stick in their comfort zones but to step outside them. Sometimes we only need to briefly explore a different world or art form to view our main passion with fresh eyes and perspectives.

Oh and if you want to check those videos out. Head over to iPad Guild. 


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