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Find out all the stakeholders

One of the really important things to do when you embark on any kind of project is make sure you know who ALL the stakeholders are. Yes, all of them (or as many as you possibly can). This will help you make sure things don’t get held up later on.

A stakeholder is someone who has a strong interest in the project that you are doing. They “hold a stake” in it, if you will. So with this church website redesign, that can end up being a lot of people.

Obviously you have your leadership team, but you’ll certainly want to talk to anyone whose face or details are going to end up on the site. People generally like being consulted over things which represent them, then there are the people who have to update and operate the site, finally there may be some people with strong opinions on everything.

It’s far better to talk to these people first of all, get their ideas, feedback and have a chance to dictate the tone of the conversation, than for them to come at you later all guns blazing because you haven’t done something. It could be a really great idea, or a bad one, but either way it’s better to get it as soon as possible. Knowing all the good ideas save you from having to undo and then redo something, knowing the bad ones let’s you explain why you choose not to do something in the big picture, rather than having to bat off a surprise attack.

So I’m trying to speak with as many people as I can. I’ve got some feedback already and I have some ideas moving forward but I’m sure some other people will have great ideas too.

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I'm an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Krakow, Poland in my spare time I love taking photos. This is my blog.

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