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Having an online presence is no longer an option, It’s vital. People’s first impression comes online and the lack of a website means you have no control over that impression, instead you are letting others dictate the story being told about you. That story might simply be that you are technologically illiterate or worse, that you are the worst kind of group out there.

I don’t want you to hand over control to others, but instead I want to help you make sure you are telling the best story you can with a high quality website.

A website that will attract new members to your church, a website that will tell your message clearly and make people feel at home before they even step into your building and a website that will equip your church members to be more engaged and grow deeper in christ.

This is not an unrealistic dream but a reality that we can achieve together.

My name is Chris Wilson and I’ve had years of experience helping clients reach more people, express their message more clearly and equip those around them. I’ve been creating websites for myself as well as friends and family for a while and last year started helping people more professionally. Now I can help you to create an outstanding site of your own using modern design and coding standards so that your site will

  • look great
  • load quickly
  • appear highly on Google
  • provide great benefits to your members.

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If you’d like to find out more then just sign up for a free 30 minute chat about your church website. Or drop me a message.