Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

5 More Reasons Why My Street Photography Sucks

A while back I wrote a post detailing the main reasons my street photography sucks and had some helpful tips to improve your street photography. Well, almost 6 months have passed and so I thought I’d post an update with some new reasons my street photos suck (and yours probably do too) as well as […]

Learn Photography Techniques for a Reason

Learning a new technique can be a lot of fun. Things like working out how to create photos with creamy bokeh or long exposure shots are fun techniques to learn but if you don’t consider the purpose of the effect then they can become over or misused. It’s much better to learn photography techniques for […]

Ikea Photography Hacks

It’s amazing the improvements you can make to your photos with just a few accessories. This video has a few simple Ikea Photography Hacks that will allow you to dramatically change the lighting effects you can get at home. You might need a few extra accessories like some speedlights but this is a lot cheaper to […]