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Turn your Fuji X100t to black and white

Fuji x100t on shelf

For No Colour November one of the tricks I mentioned is turning your Fuji x100t to black and white only. This can be done with the whole Fujifilm x100 range and also all Fuji cameras (as well as most mirrorless cameras though obviously via a different route). Every Fujifilm X camera has film simulations such. […]

Why My Street Photography Sucks

Street photography has the potential to look fan-flipping-nominal. Those magical moments where you feel right in the middle of a crowd or those emotions which are so real and honest and no one could impersonate. Unfortunately, most of the times I see [and take] “street” photography photos that are lifeless boring and flat. I’ve certainly […]

5 DIY Lighting Setups You Can Try at Home

A great quick video from the folks at Digital Rev TV on some DIY lighting ideas you can try out at home. I’ve been looking to play a bit more with some lighting ideas and some of these look really great, fun and cheap to try out. All you need are some tracing paper, photo […]