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Matt stuart tribute street krakow

I had kept a low profile in sharing my photos recently. It was part of a bigger trend in not being as active online and enjoying a bit more downtime, chess and working on taking photos. Let’s be honest, it’s much better to take photos than talk (or write) about taking photos (though the latter two are often easier, especially in the cold winter). In addition, although there is a rush of endorphins from people liking your photos, I still prefer getting out, getting the blood pumping and the shutter clicking.
Over the last couple of months I haven’t really felt that inspired by what I was shooting. I tried a few different things and paid attention to some things I hadn’t before. To be honest, I thought it was all a bit average but I kept shooting. I honestly didn’t care about the result, I cared only about getting out and enjoying the process.

Hidden Gems

What surprised me was when I did come back to sharing and shared a couple of images I though were “okay I guess,” I had some very positive reactions (I’m including them below). One was a tribute to Matt Stuart and his famous pigeon walking photo. The other was of a group of landscapers who were pretty far off in the frame. The reaction was very positive.

Sudden results

What’s more, this Friday I was out shooting and nothing much was happening. I noticed some lines on the ground and thought I’d try and frame a shot there. Nothing much was happening until this guy walked right in front of my lens and turned nothing much into…something. I still don’t think it’s great, but it’s better than nothing.

University jagallonia Krakow

Then I noticed two women walking down the road and saw they both had red hats, but one had a white coat and the other a black one. Apart from the obvious symmetry and contrast, I loved that this reflected an aspect of Polish society at the moment with both liberal and conservative wings appealing to polish nationalism with the flag , yet there have been the black protests as well as the far right anti-immigrant groups who have dressed in black and red too.

Two women in red hats by jagalonia university

Basically, I felt like I had finally taken some good photos after weeks of nothing.

Just keep shooting

It reminds me of Dory in Finding Nemo (I haven’t seen Finding Dory so I can’t comment on that) where she says “just keep swimming”. I have “just kept shooting” the last few months and themes are swirling around, Ideas have semi formed and there are photos I didn’t necessarily appreciate at first. But I kept shooting and I will keep shooting. Maybe I won’t take a good photo for the next year, who cares. It still enjoy it and every time I go out, I increase the odds of taking a good photo at some point.

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4 Replies

  1. yuri

    Great stuff and a very positive conclusion mate! Its the only way… the more you shoot, the more chances you have!
    I like that shot spoiled by a smoking fellow, he definetely made it better however i just need to say (its only my personal point of view) that all images are lacking a bit of post proc. and i mean that photo with women in hats – coz the light is not so good – the accent on their clothing must be crucial therefore the colours need to pop at you. I would have increased the contrast and highlights.. (just an opinion) awesome compositions! Thanks man, lets keep shooting

    1. You’re right, they definitely need some more editing. I’ve been really really lazy with my post processing recently and should rectify that. I worry about losing some of the nature of the classic chrome film simulation that is applied. Still, I can probably get them better. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. So very true Chris. Sometimes we just have to keep exercising the creative muscle and trust the process is going to yield great results. It doesn’t always “feel good” in the process, but it always pays of.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could see the end result during the tough middle but I think these “droughts” can help build character.

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