Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

When Quantity Beats Quality in Photography (and Life)

Man lying on the ground next to the wisla river in krakow

Do you focus on producing Quality work or a large quantity of work? Well this study may surprise you. In a book called Art and Fear, it discusses an experiment a pottery teacher conducted. For half the students, he said they would be assessed on a single final masterpiece. They just had to produce one […]

An Experiment in Shooting Film

Just over a week ago, my first film camera (excluding the disposable cameras I used in my youth) arrived at my flat. I was very excited to unpack the Olympus SP 35 in black I had got off Ebay and put some film in. I can’t wait to get some pictures back and see how […]

Steal the Right Way. Like an Artist.

girl waiting in santiago de compostela

This weekend I was back in England visiting my family, while I was traveling I took “Steal like an Artist” with me and read through it again. It’s such a great compact book full of great advice that you can get a lot out of it in a short space of time. One of the […]