Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond

Street photography is booming as a genre thanks to tools like Instagram and cheaper cameras that help anyone share candid moments in daily life and also great places to learn the fundamentals like Eric Kim’s blog and Valerie’s Street Focus podcast. With that in mind this new ebook (Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond) for […]

#Streetchat Street Portraits

This week Yuri and I discussed Street portraits, an interesting sub genre/of shoot of street photography as well as trying out a new service for these Streetchats, Google hangouts on air. In the video we discussed How often we take street portraits with permission vs without In general, we both take street portraits less than […]

Street Photography Now

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One of the things we are big fans of at Streettogs is getting inspiration from other great street photographers. That’s why we do things like #MondayMasters but also why we advocate buying books not gear and share good book reviews. However, as a newbie to street photography you might have no idea where to even […]