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29 Free Resources to Help You Learn Photography

Photography is something that you can learn in a weekend and yet never really learn. It’s one of those paradoxes whereby you can get a deep understanding very quickly but still not really know or understand at all. It’s also something you can spend a fortune on or not a single penny. As such, here […]

How I’m Finding My Photographic Voice

obsession must notify

One of the classic bits of advice I heard from Jeff Goins about writing is that you need to “find your writing voice”, the tone and style with which you write. This will be the thing which separates you from every other writer and attracts people to you, it’s the thing which will stay true […]

Why I’m Glad I Learnt Photography On A Smartphone

For christmas I picked up a fancy pants new camera, an Olympus E-P5 and a couple of lenses (more details to come). Frankly I love it. I’ve really enjoyed amateur photography for a while (as you might have guessed from my personal blog and attached photos) but getting into the nitty gritty of photography and […]