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#MondayMasters: David Alan Harvey

Imagine you found yourself stuck in a hospital bed 24/7 for months, maybe even years. Barely able to move and in the age before the Internet, all you could do is be read to and look at pictures in books. What impact might that have on you? Well David Alan Harvey attributes this very experience when he had Polo to his interest in Photography. Those pictures were his window into the world and lead to his passion for photography. Today’s Monday Master is the man who fell in love with photos while in Hospital.

Who Is David Alan Harvey?

David Alan Harvey Is an American Photographer based in New York and North Carolina but born in San Francisco and raised in Virginia. David Alan Harvey has been a member of Magnum photos since 1997. In addition he has shot on National geographic assignments and runs Burn Magazine, a photography site that highlights up and coming photographers.

The people I liked were those who were able to do something with nothing – painters, writers and photographers. I looked into photography early on and I saw that there were sports photographers who needed an Olympian, fashion photographers who needed a model and war photographers who needed a war. Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank and Riboud and those guys – they didn’t need anything; they would just look out the window or go to the garden. – David Alan Harvey

One of the things that struck me from David Alan Harvey’s interviews is how he had sought to shine a light on situations and places that get overlooked. The ghetto in West Virginia, the enemies of the United States, or the mixture of cultures in South America.
Some things I’m taking away from David Alan Harvey

  • Shoot what is around you, find art in the everyday
  • go to place/people who get overlooked
  • work on your perspective
  • make the most of what is around you

My MondayMasters Photo Pick for David Alan Harvey

David Alan Harvey street children playing

I choose this image from David’s series called Divided Soul. I feel like it does a great job of taking a normal place but making it a bit special. On the one hand this is just some kids playing in a playground with a pretty boring background, on the other than it’s an amazingly composed scene with great arrangement of shapes.
The way that this image almost removes the three dimensional aspect and causes confusion between the depth of elements is really intriguing. The use of chains and lines to draw your eye around the frame makes it a very rich and rewarding image to look at.

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