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#MondayMasters: Nick Turpin

Welcome to another #MondayMasters s time with photographer Nick Turpin, the figure behind the photography collective In-Public. I was the member of the Monday Masters group who choose Nick and did so for a few reasons, I love his eye for details, the different elements around photographing that he does and the way he incorporates his street photography style into his commercial work.

Who is Nick Turpin?

Nick Turpin is a commercial photographer originally from London. He studied art and design at university and then went on to be a staff photographer at the independent Newspaper. After he left the newspaper he started photographing for advertising and digital media. However, he also took the time to set up the street photography collective in-public containing many great photographers we have covered in MondayMasters.
Since then he has set up a publishing group (Nick Turpin publishing) and lead workshops on street photography in a variety of formats.

Check out the in-sight film, which Nick appears in, on street photography.

My MondayMasters Photo Pick for Nick Turpin


For my pick I choose this image of a woman in a shop front with the shadow of a plane seeming to hit her. I love the lines created by the plane and light leading into the subject in the image and how she stands out from the background due to the lighting too. I think it’s a great example of how to see the light well, it’s also an image which makes you wonder how he could have possibly timed it. Well, a little something I know is that this is probably Korean airlines (my home town has a large Korean population and I recognise the logo) and so there was probably an image of a plane in the window which casts the shadow. This means it wasn’t quite the decisive moment it first appears but that doesn’t make it less impressive. There was probably a very short corridor of time when this shadow would line up as well as it did, it might have been slight better half an hour or so before (as it may have lead to her head more) but it still takes awareness to notice elements like this.
That’s what I like about Nick’s style, you can see his eye in his images.

Join in with your Nick Turpin photo pick

To join in with #MondayMasters, find a picture of Nick’s which you like (I suggest checking out his gallery on in-public or his personal site) and then share it with the reason you choose it (maybe a critique if you like). Then let us know on Twitter and we’ll reshare it and link to it.

Check out Yuri Rasin’s pick here

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