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New Beginnings

Hi there, My name is Chris

and this is my brand spanking new blog. It’s so new that it even has that new blog smell!

I’ve been blogging on my old blog, Wilson’s words, for a few years now and decided to change for a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to change to wordpress [which meant I had to get a hosting account and the cost of getting a hosting account AND new domain name is basically the same]
  2. I wanted to show that things were different from my previous blog. The previous blog had different aims at different times and whilst I enjoyed the meandering journey the blog took in it’s development I thought that setting out a new blog with a much clearer purpose was a better option and would look more professional. Quite frankly I don”t want people to come across some of those old political rants I wrote.]
  3. I wanted to have a domain that was my name.
  4. I wanted to focus on my new goals: Discipleship, Hospitality, and Creativity

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and continue to stay for the journey. However, I want you to take part as well not just absorb what I write or video. There will be:

  • Questions
  • Ideas
  • Challenges
  • collaborative projects
  • Guest posts
  • A combination of two of the above

In fact, if you want to suggest one of these ideas then go right ahead right now! Just use the email form at the bottom.

Alternatively, you can respond to any of the post I put up using various methods.

  • Comments: Below and on every post
  • Video replies: Youtube?
  • Pictures and graphics: How hand are you with photoshop?
  • Twitter: @mrchrisjwilson
  • Email: See below

Or maybe something creative and new!

About Chris Wilson

I'm an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Krakow, Poland in my spare time I love taking photos. This is my blog.

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