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This One Thing I Do

This blog post is part of the Christian Bloggers Blog Challenge on Distraction

This year I chose three words to reflect on and guide me. One of these was focus and I wanted to tell you why

This One Thing I Do…

One of the verses I keep coming back to is Paul saying “this one thing I do” It’s something that has gone round my head for years. I’ve compared it to Steve Job’s approach at Apple, to the company 8Bit who focused on making ONE theme rather than a whole host of them, or more recently 37 signals base camp who changed to one single product as well.

The power of focus is apparent around us, the day of the person who is okay at many things is dying and now it’s more important to do one thing well and have one mission. Jesus knew why he was on earth and did what he was suppose to. He does appear to have been persuaded to do some things (healing the samaritan woman, turning water into wine) but he didn’t stop and say

“I should start fishing! I’m amazing at it and I could help feed loads of people by doing it! So i’m doing the whole fishing thing. The messiah thing can wait.”

Experimenting isn’t Bad

This isn’t to say that experiments aren’t a bad thing, Paul seems like he tried “all things” to achieve his “one thing”. He gave everything a go…but he had a purpose for his experiments. He didn’t start chasing rabbit holes or other “good” things.

Side Projects are Cool…but…

Likewise I am a firm believe in Side projects, trying something out and seeing how it goes and even more having some big task or job you are doing on the side. The danger is when you have a conflict between your side project and your main task or when you have side “projects”. And that’s where I’m guilty.

Sure some of these side projects fit in with my larger aims but having too many has made me do more spread across a wide area rather than focus my force and effort.

I have been pushing with a cloth on a surface rather than a knife. Sure it’s made some magic happen but more could have happened. That’s why I know Focus is important.

It’s Okay to do Other Things

Jesus did go fishing with the disciples (in a way) and he didn’t just preach or heal people. Likewise Paul took a job making tents to help pay his way at one point. Doing one thing is not about literally doing one thing (try living when all you do is breath). It’s okay to play, it’s okay to try things out, it’s okay to learn and completely change what you are doing. What matter is what you are moving towards.

So What’s Stopping me?

The problem is now I have to give somethings up. I can’t keep going on many separate fronts indefinitely. I have to focus and I want to focus.

The problem is this is all in theory.

I am afraid of focusing in the wrong area, of letting people down and of picking the wrong thing. But honestly, I’ll probably find out quicker that it is wrong if I focus on one thing.

So What’s My Focus…

I can’t tell you…yet.

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