Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

How I learned to stop worrying and shoot only with 35mm lens

One of the biggest reasons I picked up my first mirrorless camera (and stepped away from the world of smartphone and point and click cameras) was to get fast telescopic lenses to take amazing Bokehful pictures. Fast forward only 6 months or so and I had traded in one of my Olympus cameras so I […]

Composition vs Content

One of the classic debates that emerges around any form of art, be that painting, photography, writing etc is whether it is more important to have a great style or great content. For the writer, the style takes the form of the writing prose, the vocabulary or the way they show and don’t tell their […]

Should I Shoot in RAW or JPEG? The Answer May Surprise You

As I mentioned before, I was lucky that my brother was a big photo nut before I picked up my camera. On day one I was asking him lots of -stupid- important questions like, what does P mode stand for (not professional as it turns out), what does the white balance actually do and many […]