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A Small Piece of Gear That Will Improve Your Street Photography

I’m a firm believe that (on the whole) if you want to take better photos, it’s better to invest in education and inspiration (via book, workshops and so on) than buying new gear. New gear often takes time to get used to (during which you photos can be worse) and takes away attention from using your tools the best way possible. Investing in education helps you whether you have a pricy camera or a cheap point and click. However, there is one piece of gear that is relatively cheap and can have a real positive impact on your street photography.

A faster SD card can speed up your camera

Before I get into too much detail here, your camera will have it’s own read and write limits to an SD card but your SD card has a limit too. If you buy a cheap SD card, it will no doubt be slower at reading and writing data. This can make your camera start up slower when you turn it on and lead to a greater lag between photos. The first point can be really huge as if you need to save battery power and have your camera off but see a great moment, those few seconds could make the difference between capturing it and not.

A faster SD card also saves a lot of frustration and time when downloading images to your computer or tablet. In my book that’s a great bonus.

Some camera companies will say what the write speed is of the camera but I couldn’t find any obvious data on the FujiFilm website for the Fuji x100t. However, if you do a search for “[your camera name] SD card speed test”, you may well find an article showing the difference an SD card can make for your camera (here’s an example for the Fuji x100t) . For me, I use Sanddisk Pro SD cards and love their speed.

What SD card do you use?

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