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Krakow Street photographer

Are Street Portraits Street Photography?

Micky street portrait shorditch

I came across one of those silly attention grabbing blog post titles that you can’t help but click on today and it got me thinking. Are street portraits street photography? I debating writing a post or just tweeting my views, but in the end I’m going to follow “bad blogging” advice and tell you my […]

The Best Photography Composition Tip I Ever Heard

kid handing out water at a race in krakow with girl squirting water in the background

If I had to pick the single best composition tip someone ever gave me for street photography, I’d probably go for this. watch the backgrounds There is a tonne of (sometimes contradictory) theory on composition in street photography, but without a doubt this point rings true for many people. You see, we often get too […]

8 Things to Look for in Street Photos

Street photography for dummies 8 things to look for in street photos

If you’ve followed this beginners guide to street photography series then by now I’m sure you are out and about shooting. But what makes a good street photograph? What are those things you should look out for when you are out shooting on the street? What to look for in street photos There are a […]