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Practicing on my own stuff

To help me hone my skills in WordPress again (I’m a little out of practice) so that I can more effectively help my church with its website, I’m doing a little more experimenting with my blog here (It’s my blog after all, surely that’s one of the great advantages to having my own thing). I’ve switched over to the standard Genesis theme, and I’m going to add my own child theme that I can customise.

I want to do a few minor things, many of which I probably won’t use on our churches site, but it will be good to have practiced solving a problem in WordPress (sometimes that skills is more important than knowing exactly what you need to do) and also it will be nice to have my own child theme made (finally).

I’ll probably give it away later on too. So keep an eye out and you may see some changes.

About Chris Wilson

I'm an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Krakow, Poland in my spare time I love taking photos. This is my blog.

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