Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

Lessons From a Month of Shooting Film (More or Lesson)

Lublin market

This month I’ve been almost exclusively shooting film. That’s not completely true as I started January with my Fuji x100t as I came back from my travels and took it off to Wroclaw. However, while I was in Wroclaw I noticed that the EVF was a bit…strange. When I added the fact that the batteries […]

Why I Have No Plan of Upgrading to the Fuji X100F

Fuji x100t on shelf

Yesterday Fujifilm announced their successor for the x100t, the x100f. As a huge fan of the X100t and long time owner, I was keeping an eye out for the successor and whether it would convince me to upgrade. The short answer is that although it looks good, I’m not upgrading and I suspect you won’t […]

Two Cheap but Interesting Fuji X100T Accessories

Fuji x100t with two accessories thumb rest and soft release button

When it comes to gear stuff, I’ve tried to stick to fuji x100t related items. This is both practical (I own one so I can talk about it and include information about it.) and a philosophical one as I imagine my ideal reader either owns a Fuji x100t, or they have a similar camera and […]