Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

The Best Camera Doesn’t Always Make the Best Street Camera

A curious thing has happened to me in recent weeks. My brilliant, always on me and ready Fuji x100t camera has become slightly less amazing than it had historically been and this is a direct result of summer…well the summer weather. During winter I would put my Fujifilm x100t in my coat pocket when I […]

5 Wrist Straps for Street Photographers

For a long time I’ve stuck with a neck strap for my street photography camera. That’s because, with the street strap, I could get the benefits of a neck AND a wrist strap at the same time. It seemed like the perfect solution to me. But the truth is that a smaller camera (like the […]

How My Use of Day One Has Evolved Over Time

One of the earliest apps I got on my iPad (my first Apple device) was Day One. Day One is a journaling app that lets you record your day. It’s a lot overtime adding new features and changing from a simple markdown text based app to a cloud based services with photo book printing and […]