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Show Your Work

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I had recently read “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon so I decided to follow it up with show your art by the same author. I was not disappointed. Show Your Work is a no-nonsense guide to gaining exposure for your work or art. It includes practical tips as well as philosophical ideas (e.g. Maybe […]

Why Photographers Should Care about the New Google Photos App

Google has had a photo service for a long time but not too many people have been aware of it. It was baked into Google+ and the barrier of creating a Google plus account may have been too high for some people. However, now Google is back with a new, updated Google photos app that is […]

How to Use Evernote to Remember a Photo Location

Have you ever come across a place that you know would make a great shot, but the conditions at that just aren’t right, maybe it’s too bright, too dark, the sun is in a bad position, it would be better as a night shot, it would be better with no one in it, or maybe […]