Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

A Street Photography Guide to Fujifilm EF-X20

Fujix100t with Fujif ef-x20 on

Flash is a decisive topic in street photography and yet it isn’t so in other forms of photography. For some people it provides a highly desirable aesthetic and opens possibilities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. For other photographers, it is an aggressive intimidating act that destroys candid moments. Personally, I view it with the potential to […]

Lessons From a Month of Shooting Film (More or Lesson)

Lublin market

This month I’ve been almost exclusively shooting film. That’s not completely true as I started January with my Fuji x100t as I came back from my travels and took it off to Wroclaw. However, while I was in Wroclaw I noticed that the EVF was a bit…strange. When I added the fact that the batteries […]

Why I Have No Plan of Upgrading to the Fuji X100F

Fuji x100t on shelf

Yesterday Fujifilm announced their successor for the x100t, the x100f. As a huge fan of the X100t and long time owner, I was keeping an eye out for the successor and whether it would convince me to upgrade. The short answer is that although it looks good, I’m not upgrading and I suspect you won’t […]