Chris J Wilson

Krakow Street photographer

Which is better, Neck or Hand Straps?

Should you be using a neck or hand strap on your camera? Does it even matter? Sometimes I take a really long time deciding what to buy. It was definitely the case when I picked up my first stand alone camera (the Olympus E-P5) as it was when I bought a bag last year. In […]

Fuji x100t Review

Fuji x100t on shelf

About a month ago I was on an excursion with a group of kids for my job. We had an hour or so free and were on Oxford street where there is a Jessops store. I had been wondering just what Fuji cameras were like for a while after reading some positive reviews of the […]


As a photographer it can be a pain to manual share your work across many all the different social media platforms. Luckily there is a cool new little app to help with that. The first project I ever backed on Kickstarter was a little app called Pressgram. Pressgram was an image editing app and social […]