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Turn your Fuji X100t to black and white

Fuji x100t on shelf

For No Colour November one of the tricks I mentioned is turning your Fuji x100t to black and white only. This can be done with the whole Fujifilm x100 range and also all Fuji cameras (as well as most mirrorless cameras though obviously via a different route).

Every Fujifilm X camera has film simulations such. Many of these try to emulate classic films or add certain styles to your images. Some have higher contrast, others lower, some have darker shadows, others are more neutral. And some of them are black and white emulators.

These include classic black and white, black and white with a yellow filter, black and white with a red filter and Black and white with a green filter. These different “filter” settings help to highlight and mute certain elements in your black and white images.

To access them on the Fuji X100t [unless you have changed the menu options]. Click on the “Q” button, Move over to the film simulation selection [second row down, forth from the left/first from the right] and use the command wheel (black spinny wheel next to the drive button) to move between settings.

Once you’ve selected your film simulation, you can then activate the Electronic view finder [by scrolling left on the viewfinder control] and you’ll see everything in black and white. Alternatively, you can use the Optical viewfinder with the in screen electronic viewfinder to have a small preview in black and white but still use the optical viewfinder.

Now your images will save in Black and white. Great for your No Colour November challenge.

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